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>> top story japan. the latest set of libya they have closed airspace to all traffic. >> live from the bay area news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> i'm just teen it is finally friday march 18th, a big storm system that are we right now let's get the very latest. >> james: we have traffic moving well, it is getting what on the roadways. our assignment manager is saying it wasn't wet when he woke up but now is getting wet. lets take a quick look at the storm trucker for. a lot of rain to our north. the lower sections of it starting to bring in the rain. heavy stuff north of san rosa coming our way, we have a decent selling for san francisco right now. i took the measurement of the rainfall rates, we are in the half inch per hour range. it is tracking in general from the north to the south although there is the west-east slant to it. keep track of that and we will let you know how and tetzel's ranch chores are. the peninsula also seen light grain right now. we are seeing a flood watch now in affect for solano county. this flood watch is in effect until sunday night, frida
of japan, and near san that japan's. dozens of cities and villages along the 1,300 mi. were shaken by violent tremors that reached as far away as tokyo. hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. the longest quake in japan's history. here is a video out of japan. the impact on the buildings, all the debris and fires that were sparked here by this request. this was the scene in downtown tokyo. scary stuff. the seed was repeated in a handful of other cities. more video to show you this morning of the capital. workers rushed out of the buildings in search of stable ground. you can see the panic. crowds gathered in the streets trying to reach relatives on cell phones. you can see the damage. this was cnn's bureau in tokyo. the tapes, and desks, shelves everything come down. everyone getting outside because they didn't know what was coming next. eight people have died, that was the earliest report. we are getting and the other reports say death toll has risen to 40. that number will likely rise through the day keeping an eye on that. the impact is we have a tsunami warning issued for th
six >> mark: a.m., the latest out of japan forcing japan's workers to evacuate the power plant. the steps being taken to get them back in. >> darya: travelers are anxious to get out of japan amid fears of reactioradiation contaminati >> mark: the new killer crisis in japan is our top story at 6:00 a.m. >> darya: we are going attack the latest in japan in just one minute. >> mark: first and early check gone bay area weather. >> james: those rainshowers seem to be pushing off at this point. we are not seeing a lot in the area of rain. 680 north of martinez looks like it may be getting rain. walnut creek expecting showers momentarily. otherwise they will taper off, but it won't last long. more heavier rain said it not for friday much more coming up in a bit. >> erica: crosstown freeways no problems here, but i might have bought spot for the moral saw a tall you wear street dead. >> mark: the team that has been working to prevent a meltdown in the new fuel plant is getting ready to go back into the plant to try and cool the reactor spirit they were evacuated today. more smoke is ri
this morning. as a crisis in japan intensifies. japan's stock average down more than 1000 points. today was the third worst one day plunge in their history. >> mark: 40 $4 million donation to japan. they stopped production in the area. we went to toyota dealership to see how it is impacting business. >> reporter: it may have it economic impact on the dealers in the states. for manufacturing plants have been shut down following the disaster. sales managers based shutting down the plants means stopping the production of vehicles exclusively produced in japan like one of their best sellers, upper yes. they say it will impact on oil sales here. kron 4 news. >> mark: as we go to break one of the stories we're following alive look from arlington va., the final living servicemen to serve in world war one is being honored. the 110 year-old veteran passed away in his west virginia home last month. president barack obama has ordered flags to be lowered to half staff. ♪ that airline is gonna nail that frequent flyer with restrictions when he tries to use his miles. ♪ that's a lot of red tape!
>> darya: top story billet latest of japan the death toll continues to rise. >> mark: worries growing over possible meltdown at a new killer power plant. it tried to pull our runs. >> darya: japan's nikkei takes a dive. >> mark: the latest is that a cruise with the cleanup from friday tsunami. >> darya: thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. >> mark: we begin with the latest from japan's following the earthquake and devastating sonometer 1000 bodies have washed off on short in the me on me on the shores. officials are saying more than 10,000 people are estimated to have died. millions of survivors are facing a fourth night without food, water, heating in near freezing temperatures. more trouble a nonnuclear power plant. the fuel round rods or temporary exposed and they're using a measure of using sea water to try and cool the reactor. 11 workers were injured in a hydrogen explosion at one of the reactors. there was a similar explosion saturday. they say small amounts of radioactive material have been released. >> darya: we have more destruction here and what hap
continues for the shooter. things keep getting worse for people in japan after that massive earthquake in this tsunami, at the big danger now is radiation. a big day for california teachers to learn if they lose their jobs, we will tell you how those cuts will affect schools and the bay. >> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. every day this week we have a chance of showers, i will let you know when you're expecting the most rain. >> erica: tuesday morning commute, no problems to report, complete check and your bridges coming up. >> james: developing story at this are five people had been injured in a shooting in san francisco. it happened after 11:00 p.m. on 16th and caledonia. one victim suffered life- threatening injuries, four victims on life- threatening, all five transported to hospital. the shooting could be gang- related but no suspects or motive has not been identified. keebler ceiling themselves indoors to protect themselves in dangerous levels of radiation. there have been three reactors portion near where they live. a japanese nuclear safety officials as the
, japan's prime minister is calling it the worst crisis since world war two as rescue workers search for survivors from the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. officials what red cross to the magnitude of the damage is not known, 2000 people >> reporter: justice said japan and other very dark, cold night. there follows what was an extremely difficult day for survivors, rescuers and the country as a whole. but days after the largest earthquake on record life is anything but normal. some headed back to work but were left stranded due to pirated, and downed trees. news from the disaster continues to be grim. reports of 2000 bodies discovered off the coast. >> 65 years after the end of war were to this is the tempest, most difficult crisis for japan. >> reporter: the destruction is a one- dimensional. insensate 80 mi. from the epicenter loads of homes of latin, reduce stress. lives, strewn about. on the ground, from the air surest and rescue teams look for survivors they find few miracles. washed away by the tsunami this woman house of to retreat, a floor mat for hours until hall ar
check on your commute coming up. >> will: the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami in japan, we're told the 180 emergency workers there were evacuated from the new killer plant are getting ready to return to work. they ordered the workers to leave because of dangerous levels of radiation. they're desperately trying to prevent a meltdown following three explosions and fire. helicopters are preparing to: down there are concerns that may not work. radiation levels have gone down. radiation levels where about 300 times the normal level. it can be and healthy if your proposed tariff for a long time. all little radiation was detected in tokyo. nuclear scientists all over brooklyn close attention to its going on in japan that includes the uc- berkeley engineering department. >> reporter: funicular engineering department in addition to monitoring the new killer crisis in japan will also begin measuring radiation levels in the bay area. but there's still a trend the cool down japan's new killer reactors by this weekend with the great concern. >> will: people are trying to flee the c
. the great highway is closed. a massive devastating 8.9 earthquake hitting japan the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded. it is headed towards the west coast. >> louisa: seen waves in hawaii, there's a tsunami warning for the entire state of hawaii. rtc and waves up to 7 ft.. we are expected to see continue to see those waves increase. the big island could actually get waves up to about 10 ft.. this map shows you where they could reach. dark shade of red indicating 10 ft. waves. rain now japan has already seen 98 quakes. we're talking about those aftershocks, as well. this happened raid on the zone between north american in the pacific plate. will continue to watch those aftershocks. golden gate bridge, we're watching waves here in our area as well. wave heights are expected to peak just after 8:00, the good news is this is low tide. that does keep those waves down slightly. those waves continue to push down to santa barbara. here's a look at some of those fights, expecting them to get out part of 04 feet up into arena cove. more than 2 ft. waves through. rave. pacifica 2.8, 3 ft. half moo
, and aztec was up 17. --nas daq. japan is up as well. the yen has been skyrocketing against the u.s. dollar. the banks will be talking about today, are they help the an f to boost and whether a other recession. a cease-fire was declared in libya. >>darya: people are waiting anxiously to get their hands on and i had to. ipad 2. can att five parts come from japanese employers. some of the suppliers are reporting damage but the deliberate. it is intgoing to affect sales. >>mark: a quick break. we are tracking this story as it heads through the bay area. more heavy off of pacifica. a to all people living in it shortly. the plants will get here as we mak our way the >>darya: good morning, 660 them. it is a wet one out there. taking at look at the conditions. >> reporter: a does not too bad it here it right now. you will notice it. thanks. the raidn, the wind, the cool air. there is a quarter inch and oun hour of rainfall. heavy winds, heavy rain and cold temperatures. >>darya: al so a visit chile.oh, is chile?? -- it is chilly? >>mark: glass breaking into different sections and did you get an up
>> will: good morning, the top story come to japan struggles to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake in tsunami. feels about-- fears of explosion continues to grow. rescue teams are busy working to find where the eight dozen people still missing. let's go live to tokyo. >> reporter: japan launched a series of efforts to try and prevent a disaster. at this hour it does not appear that they're working. japanese forces took to the air using helicopters to drop seawater on reactor no. 3 to cool the damaged reactor's all that nuclear- power plant. experts believe steam rising from the bulls may be releasing radiation into the atmosphere. officials had been working to resolve cool in crumbs out for of six reactors. >> it may be too early to judge, we believe will help to cool down the fuel the span the data that will be receiving from the government. we'll be able to verify whether the mission has met with success. >> reporter: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy
>> james: 4:00 a.m., top stories, the latest of japan, new regulations, news stories of survival. why investigators are printing vendors at operators of the power plant. >> reporter: will tell you what happened to gaddafi's compound to ask light. >> james: big day for barry bonds, he will be in court today. >> louisa: more spring showers, a lot of what weather to talk about will latino in the next round of rain is coming up. >> erica: traffic moving to albany very light. a complete check on your bay area commute coming up. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> reporter: good morning monday march 21st, let's carry toward developing story. >> james: the utility company's operating the troubled power plant has evacuated workers after grace market escaped from reactor today. it came from a storage pool. it had built of pressure in its reactor core over the weekend. the operator of the complex repeatedly failed to make inspections of the equipment in the weeks before it was " bold. meanwhile the naval commander says polls will be made availab
if >> darya: top stories extreme measures been taken to prevent a meltdown in japan. >> will: the same agency that tells us about spare the air dazes watching japan. we will tell you of radiation is making its way to the bay area >> mark: a big wave server dies at mavericks' will give you details of a moment. >> live from the bay area new station this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: march 17th, 2011 happy st. patrick's day. >> james: it's a cold morning as you head out the door. 18 degree difference in novato compared to yesterday. livermore 15 degrees cooler, you get the idea. we have a big storm headed our way in our weather update we will break that down for you. >> george: it has been a quiet start to the morning commute, we are ignored things may change with an accident on 580 in livermore. >> mark: beginning with an crisis. extreme measures trying to prevent a a small down at the japanese call plant. the military was trying to cool those reactors somehow. desperate measures to dump water from helicopters. in hopes of trying to collect, the flight to up been suspende
plant in japan. why they're pointing fingers at the operators of the plant. >> mark: dramatic pictures of of libya as tensions rise up for weekend of air attacks including the missile blasted leader gaddafi's residential compound. the latest as a news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> this is the kron 4 morning news. >> darya: it is monday, march 21st, thank you for joining us. >> mark: more storms to come we will get to the whether a second. but we will start with hot spot on the bridge. >> george: 2 car accident in the westbound direction, re-your buena island appeare. also pullr the scene is the third vehicle, it is an owner of that third vehicle has been involved. we have not activated the metering lights but as you can see traffic is moving pretty well across the span. it is possible bridge cruise may have gotten that lane open. perhaps a little better news. better news on highway 4. all lanes are open, things are starting to pick up a bit already. this is usually as slow stretch from antioch to pittsburgh. it is likely this back up will reach the bypass. better news in the westbound di
of a range of proposals, and clothesthey're sg they are ready to pursue other options. >> darya: japan is concerned about radioactive water, they think it could take weeks has to be removed and safely stored before the camera cool the system. contamination has spread a mile further north than before. that leak may have reached across the pacific ocean to the atlantic coast. rain water and massachusetts has increased radiation. the health department says of locally came from the nuclear power plant japan but the levels are very low, they are unlikely to cause health problems. another earthquake in japan, it triggered a tsunami advisory. this camera shaking and the advisory warning popping up. it struck yesterday afternoon off the coast of japan's largest island. the same coast line took the brunt of the 9.0 damage that hit earlier in the month. >> mark: today is the 32nd anniversary of the worst nuclear anniversary of the three mile island can't plant had them all down. small amounts of radiation had escaped and nobody was immediately heard of the accident had an impact on the nuclear i
. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even years. workers are busy working up electrical systems to try and repair a damaged cooling system but the restoration of their electricity won't automatically solve the problem. the request a suspension of sales of spinach and for a smoke near the plant. the government's decision was based on readings found in the produce. part of the expressway that lacks the next japan was reopened today. they have restored some real service. we spoke to an official about radiation here in the bay area in the next 30 minutes we will tell you what the epa is doing and whether people with health complications should be concerned. >> justine: opening statements are scheduled today in the barry bonds trial he returned to court yesterday prosecutors say he lied to a grand jury when he said that he never used steroids. dan kerman tells us what happened just a in court. >> reporter: silver tie, black suit, he arrived in san francisco monday to f
the tax hikes. without those more cuts to the budget are expected >> darya: the situation in japan, the president of the nuclear plant utility has been hospitalized for dizziness and high blood pressure. radiation levels have spiked in the ocean water and the water near the damaged plant. 3000 times above normal. workers are trying to prevent a meltdown they are repairing broken power lines running to the plant. once they are able to do that the cooling system can be turned on. until then water is being dumped on the reactors. another ripple effect since the quake in japan shortages on the parts are heading north american operation that honda and toyota. toyota is watching car dealers to stop ordering 200 replacement parts made in japan because they're worried about running out of them. honda is cutting production at its north american auto factory starting today since the earthquake earlier this month several lawmakers have been forced to cut production >> mark: we will be right back live look from the roof camera, a beautiful hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzz
: more problems for crippled nuclear plant in japan and the latest problems they are dealing with. >> live from the bay area is station this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: they give away the up with the morning news, tuesday march 22nd. >> mark: starting with bay area weather we're waiting for the next door. >> james: by tonight it will be right over top of us. we won't have to wait long, we have another storm system and away we are d.c. rain falling over the oakland bay bridge. if you're headed to the macarthur maze it is what they're you sure wiper spirit another storm headed toward san francisco. so you know we have sprinkles headed towards the city at the moment. temperature was cooling off a couple more degrees. 47 in oakland, 38 in napa, low to mid- 40s in the east bank.bay. let'sw you future cast 4 we will walk you through it. shellers pop up at 3:00 p.m. this evening intensifying this evening. -- showers pop--tonight more intent showers popping up you can see the yellow sections increase hour by hour. but by overnight 11:00 p.m. widespread to moderate rain all round t
trip short to get back to d.c. today. >> james: the latest set of japan, black smoke has been seen emerging from unit 3. prompting a new evacuation officials are told that workers from the entire plan had been temporarily evacuated the damage is over $309 billion utilities have reposed power rationing many factories remain closed. japan's police agencies as the death toll has now exceeded 9400. more than 14,700 still missing officials estimate the final figure will likely exceed 18,000 deaths. tap water in tokyo has tested price above the limits for iodine. breeching concerns about food safety parents to japan have been warned not to pc to our order to their babies. >> justine: the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says strong course to complete their security role by the end of 2014 progress could easily be reversed. he spoke in london today, he said that afghan president has a goal of hiring of protecting the entire nation by the end of 2014 is achievable. >> james: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. only come back the l
on the worsening situation in japan will take about 6.5 magnitude aftershock and the latest on the radiation concerns. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news, a live look here from our roof camera in san francisco a little dark out there. the rain is finally tapering off after last week's storms, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that is and 80 degree day, thursday. that is always focused on right now. everything else really doesn't matter. we should be ok for the next couple of days. developing story, another earthquake has struck japan triggering a tsunami and alert, 6.5 struck yesterday afternoon off the coast of japan's largest island. that's the same coastline that the brunt of the 9 magnitude quake that occurred earlier this month. there were no reports of injuries, damages after yesterday's quake. the sun on the alert only happen to japan, it is not warning is here in united states. the crisis of the japanese nuclear power plant continues to expand, government regulators say
it may be an uphill battle. >> darya: 60 5:00 a.m. officials in japan are calling it a grave. highly toxic plutonium is seeping from the damaged nuclear power plant in japan's tsunami disaster zone into the soil outside, officials said tuesday, heightening concerns about the expanding spread of radiation. plutonium was detected at several spots outside the fukushima dai-ichi power plant, the first confirmed presence of the dangerously radioactive substance. officials said the traces of plutonium posed no immediate threat to public health. it can cause long-term damage and may be carcinogenic. the death toll has topped 11,000. the nuclear emergency highlights what is the medical-. few treatments are for radiation. there are newer developments including rapid testing that could spot doses with merely up in your part of blood and an injunction that has saved monkeys. >> mark: latest on the refinery [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'? i'm serving delicious athenos hummus to my friends. i've got -- [ male announcer ] that's great. let's see what yiayia thinks! you dress like a
kron4 news. >> to the latest in japan. it is now suspected that the reactor core at the unit one of the troubled plant may have been breached. this raises the possibility of more severe radioactive contain the did to the environment. japan police agency says that the official pap will -- the death toll has topped 10,000 people. more than 17,000 people are listed as missing. the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit made our was felt in taiwan and china. this is surveillance video of the quake as it hits, more than 20 people are dead from the quake. the death toll could continue to rise. >>darya: and african union meeting in ethiopia is trying to deal with the situation in libya. representatives from rebels are expected to attend. meanwhile, french fighter jets hit aircraft in a military base deep inside libya. that airforce has been neutralized. need it agreed to take over enforcement of the no-fly zone. --nato. the ground attacks will continue to be led by the u.s.. they are anxious to give up the lead role. at a bucket and a little luck may go out a long way for you. that make mill
>> justine: top stories, officials in japan are calling it a race jurors in this morning. petroleum found in soil samples. san jose motorcycle officer the victim of a hit and run, we'll tell you how he's doing and the latest on the search for the suspect. barry bonds trial, his former witness testified we will tell you what she said. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> justine: good tuesday morning, march 29th, we are seeing a big warm up in our forecast. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: you may want to be planning some beach days come tomorrow and thursday. warming up into the east. starting up the morning with mostly clear conditions, pretty, out there in downtown san francisco. we have a big warm cutting away tomorrow. next chance of rain this weekend. current temperatures we're sitting in the '40's pretty much every where. 50 half moon bay, santa rosa 45. at 40 is as you head for fairfield delta, hayward, mountain view. 47 percent jose. suddenly, radar we are seeing a few showers to the north you can see rate around eureka
victims of this landslide. >> james: two weeks after the earthquake in japan radiation levels have spiked. we'll tell you will workers are trying to do to prevent a meltdown. president or bottom-line considers armen the rebels and libya. the latest coming up. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. >> justine: did morning, wednesday, march 30th is.. >> james: i came back just in time, did temperatures today and tomorrow. and a big change from last week. >> louisa: absolutely. clear, dry, that warm-up is set to begin today. temperatures warming 10 degrees. we're talking '70s, '80s, setting some records into the afternoon. holding on to this temperature is through the day we had an nine stress . 83 degrees in santa rosa. 80 concord. '70s around the bay. 76 oakland. along the coast half moon bay upper 60s. 69 degrees. san jose's 78. 79 morgan hill. very, comfortable weather today. satellite, radar showing activity to the northwest we're watching our bridge really start to build than. those temperatures will really grab hold of us we will stay
details committed japan the radiation shields--years. will . up. and live like at the james lick we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. >> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. we want to get to updated on international stories, the latest said that libya air strikes have virtually destroyed gadhafi's air defense. france's foreign minister says the international military operation may last days or weeks but not months. gadhafi's john forces have been unstable. yesterday troops while terrified residents. the shelling of the city's main hospital happened yesterday. three workers have been exposed to radioactive elements in it that crippled a nuclear- power plant sending to the hospital for treatment two dozen people have been injured since the plant began leaking radiation. a helicopter crew has confirmed what appears to be steam rising from the power plants. this is the first time steam has been seen coming out from the no. 1 reactor. residents in tokyo are hoarding bottles of water. shops have been rationing water, milk and
as images of the power plant in japan appear on the evening news bulletins every day. japan's national police agency reports that death toll has risen to 11,517 people. another 16,000 are missing. searchers are finding bodies just about everywhere including cars, robbers come up debris. police in white moon suits fitted with equipment and being slowed the asian there looking for a report from the u.s. atomic agency about high levels of radiation in the village. experts say it doesn't pose an immediate danger to human health. the san francisco public utilities commission launched a three under and $20 million upgrade to safeguard the water supply in the event of a major earthquake in this part of the s f p use these $4.6 billion water system improvement program to up to grade the entire water system. the improvements are designed to allow the s f p c you to return minimum water service to 1 million people within 36 hours of a major earthquake. coming out, which erupted on what else is happening around the bay area. a live look upset, cemetery bridge, traffic seems to be ok. we will chec
. >> reporter: the latest in japan japanese safety officials say they suspect the reactor core at the net one of the troubled power plant may have been breached. that raises the possibility of more severe radioactive contamination to the merriment. japan's police agencies as the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that happened two weeks ago today has top-10 thousand people. more than 17,000 people are still listed as missing. the 6.8 man omar earthquake was felt as far as thailand and china. 20 people are believed to been killed. that death toll could continue to rise it is an underdeveloped country with poor communication. a very small rescue capacity is not going to make things easy there. the country peg the quake at some 0.0 which is higher than the measurement that the u.s. geological survey pin did that. >> darya: african union meeting in ethiopia will be trying to deal with the situation in libya. rebels and the government of khaddafi are expected to be there. french fighter jets hit aircraft and cross road military base deep inside of libya. they have been effectively neutrali
. no injuries reported. 7.3 earthquake triggered a tsunami warning along japan's coast. it hedges for forenoon their time. --it hit just before noon their time. some witnesses say it lasted as long as three minutes. we have video coming in showing the moment that earthquake hits. he see the camera shake, no reports of damage or injuries. with the merchant seaman management offices there's still trying to determine the impact of the earthquake. meanwhile in california we have an interesting story, a massive see em dead fish washed up. officials say there's more than a million of them. it's about a foot deep in terms of how many fish are floating there. they believe the school of sardines were swept in by waves or current they used up all the oxygen in the area which experts believe led to this mass killing. pelicans and other birds are enjoying a feeding frenzy. of a california news two men are facing felony charges after placing a credit card slimmers inside gas pumps. the device was a touch of a circuit board inside the gas pump he called police. they fitted the top with an alarm it was trigg
the plant in japan. the officials stress level is 5000 times below any level of concern. this after malcolit ben found in washington. >> darya: this live shot is a livpicture of our big news stor we are waking up to nice warm temperature setting more records. >> louisa: we could set plenty of records again today. we are already into the '60s, 62 for antioch, 61 into livermore, in mountainview as well. by the next hour we could stay in the '50s and '60s. all the yellow shows the '70s. we continue to climb and jumped into the 80s once again. similar to yesterday, widespread 86 affected in fact we could warm up a few degrees from yesterday as well. we stay warm until 7:00 p.m. staying in to the '60s and '70s right now we continue to show temperatures climbing into the mid '80s and places like santa rosa, 84 novato, 83 in san rafael, through the east bay '80s as well. the only spots we will hold on to the '70s is along the coast. it will be a comfortable day from the coast as well. the ahit is not expecto last. we will cool down tomorrow and more by the weekend. as significant drop by saturday t
not determined what happened. a magnitude 7.3 earthquake triggered a small tsunami along japan, it hit just before noon their time, followed by 6.3 aftershock. it shook buildings in tokyo, the shaking lasted as long as three minutes. we have video we are just getting in showing the moment that the quake hit. incredibly with the 7.3, and a 6.3 aftershock no injury or damage has been reported. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues after the break. a would-be robber has trouble getting started. >> mark: all warmer day on tap today your highs of 70 inland and '60s around the bay. wall street down 21 points right now, oil prices on the way up again. the dow up yesterday giving back some today. npr president has just resigned, this comes in the wake of comments that anchored conservatives and called for the end of the federal funding for broadcast. they call the tea party racist, and said the network would be better off without federal money. so she has just resigned over hidden camera footage coming out. the discovery is coming home today, the five member crew is expected ba
expecting more snow today. >> mark: the latest at japan three people have been radiation burns after they stepped in contaminated water. two dozen people have been injured since radiation started leaking after this is not the feared for the first time steam coming out of reactor one. they say there is no immediate debdanger 6 richtrs have faced trouble. the military action against libya may last days, or weeks. the european union are expected to meet today to discuss how to coordinate air strikes in libya. meanwhile air strikes have virtually destroyed in air defense. its troops are stable to move on the ground because of the limitation to fighting libyan forces only from the air. his ground forces have maneuvered into key said these well the rubble still holding gauzy. >> darya: we are 20 minutes ahead of the biggest brunt of the storm. let's look at storm tracker for a seat was getting light now. mostly in the north moving to the east and south. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marce
to and from public transit. no problems reported yet. >> to the latest on the crisis in japan. the damaged plant, has issues with the pump but is working. they're not sure what it can be powered back up. it was prompted an evacuation of workers when the trouble arose. there asking people not to hoard bottles of water as the radiation in tap water has now exceeded the help allowance -- health for infants. a quick look at your market had planned.. markets have plunged . this happened after the government announced that damage from the constructive earthquake and tsunami could reach a quarter of a million of dollars in damage. it was previously on homes where the decline had ochered for 9%. >>mark: police and dogs sniffing bombs were called to the sfo after a flight from the philippines could. i call call given regarding the phonthe plain. the plane was searched when authorities did not find anything on board. we'll be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is an update on the breaking is, the legendary actress elizabeth taylor has died. (music) and then of breaking news story that we'r
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